CPU, which is frequently called just "processor", is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. That's the core of each laptop or computer or web server, because it performs each of the calculations and logical input/output functions. Even though the performance of an Internet site or an application depends on other things too, such as the amount of physical memory or the connectivity of the hosting server, the speed at which a specific processor runs determines how quick a program will be executed. Later-generation processors have multiple cores which can seriously boost their overall power and efficiency, due to the fact that every core can manage a variety of processes separately or a number of cores can deal with 1 process which needs a substantial computing power. Due to the fact that each and every core functions at a particular speed, this architecture can be looked at as several individual processors working together.

CPU Share in Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server plans that we offer come with different hardware configurations, so you can select the suitable one for your websites or programs. The processor for every single package is different too - the most powerful package features a 12-core processor that'll guarantee exceptional script execution speeds, even if your scripts are extremely heavy and lots of people access and use them simultaneously. The CPU is extensively examined alongside all the other elements that we use to construct every new dedicated server, so as to ensure that the hosting server shall work faultlessly at all times. We shall do this before we give you access to it, since we will never make a compromise with the quality of any of the hardware components which we use. The speeds you see on our Internet site are guaranteed for every single one of the packages.